Investment Opportunity: Land

He isn’t a full man who doesn’t own a piece of land - a Hebrew proverb. Land, indeed, is the most real 
asset that one can own. A scarce and limited asset (nobody is manufacturing land anymore!), land can 
store and create value for investors, especially over a long term. 

Invest on land and reap benefits

Investors who are building a portfolio must have a portion of their investment allocated to land purchase.
Depending on the specific micro-market dynamics, a land investment is bound to give healthy returns
over short, medium or long-term. The probability of a drop in price of a land parcel, especially over a 
long term, is very low. This implies significant, if not complete, downside protection for an investor. 
Moreover, contrary to gold, equities and debt instruments, land is least affected by market fluctuations 
because of the ever increasing demand and declining supply. Hence, land is a hedge against volatility 
and inflation.  

Investors may choose to buy agricultural land (subject to local regulations), residential plots from the 
city development authority/municipal corporation, residential plots developed by builders, commercial 
and/or industrial land/plots depending on their investment strategy. 

The strategy is, ideally, based on the quantum allocation, current use (zoning), active or passive approach
 (can the investor aggregate, do the due diligence, and/or work with government authorities in converting
 the land use/obtaining necessary licenses), time horizon, prevailing micro-market conditions, proposed 
micro-market development plan and monetization strategies.

Onix Advisors works with investors in building an investment strategy with a detailed thesis and identifying land parcels that align with the chosen strategy. In order to learn more about investing in land, please reach us on +91-9108447825 or +91-9108447829.

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